We offer a complete website that includes a set of web-based tools that benefit local business-networking groups.

Website Features

Group Benefits

  • Professional directory and individual listings for each member business. This increases online exposure for the group.
  • Simple member management, online application form for new members
  • A full administration section allows board members to manage members, shoutouts, referrals, and meeting attendance and notes.
  • View referral totals sent and received by each member
  • Promote local member related events
  • Helps attract new members

Member Benefits

  • Access member functions with a secure URL and remain signed in between sessions. No password needed.
  • Edit your business listing at any time.
  • Send shoutouts to other members.
  • Easily highlight and share your shoutouts to social media.
  • Add referrals for other members or that other members send to you.
  • Add events from your business or that your business is participating in on the public events calendar
  • Automatic weekly email report keeps members updated on recent shoutouts and group referral totals

A Shoutout is the equivalent of a testimonial. It's sent from one member to another and is viewable by the public on the members business listing.